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Adding bookmarks to a PDF is a convenient way to find the specific pages in your document or remember the pages read. They can take you or other reads to the target pages quickly. However, you can find a way to create bookmarks on a PDF document. This article is going to explain how to add bookmarks to a PDF document. So, you can open and read digital books or documents.

How to Add Bookmarks to PDF

Part XNUMX: The Easiest Way to Add Bookmarks to PDF

Sometimes, it is easy than you thought to add bookmarks to a PDF document. All you need is the right tool. From this point, we recommend WidsMob PDFEditor. Seine Hauptmerkmale sind:

  • Add bookmarks to your PDF documents in one click.
  • Apply text, image, comment, and other elements to existing PDFs.
  • Keep current content on PDF documents from quality loss.
  • Manage pages in a PDF file, such as rotate, delete or add new pages.
  • Available to almost all laptops and computers.

All in all, it is the easiest way to add bookmarks to a PDF document and quickly locate them when reading the PDF next time.

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How to Add Bookmarks to a PDF Document

Step XNUMX: Import the PDF file

When you want to add bookmarks to a PDF file, download PDFEditor from the official website. Double-click the installer file and follow the onscreen instructions to get it installed on your machine. Then you have three options to open your PDF. Firstly, drag and drop the PDF file into the main interface. Or click Reichen Sie das -> Offen to import the PDF file from your hard drive. Double-click the PDF file if you have set up the program as the default PDF viewer.

Öffnen Sie die Bilddatei PDFEdit

Step XNUMX: Add a bookmark to the specific page

Scroll down the PDF file and locate the page where you want to add a bookmark. Then click the Bearbeiten menu on the top of the interface to activate the toolbar panel. Choose the Edit Text & Images tool and highlight the text with your favorite color. That will create a bookmark and show it under the toolbar panel.


Schritt 3: Exportieren Sie das endgültige PDF-Dokument

After adding a bookmark to the PDF, you can test it. Scroll down or up to another page, and click the bookmark under the toolbar. Then you will see the marked page immediately. Finally, press Strg + S to replace the original PDF file. If you do not want to interrupt the original file, click the Reichen Sie das and save the document as a new PDF.

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Part XNUMX: Add Bookmarks to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is the popular PDF viewer, and the Pro version allows you to add bookmarks to PDF documents quickly. The cost is that you have to spend $XNUMX per month. Of course, if you already have it on your computer, it is a way to do what you want.

Schritte: First of all, open your PDF. Now, the available version is in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Go to the desired page.

Schritte: Highlight the head, title, or any text on the page with your cursor and press the Ctrl + B buttons on your keyboard. It will open the Bookmarks panel on the left side.

Schritte: Type the name for the bookmark and a short description. Now, repeat the steps until you add bookmarks to all pages.

Schritte: Finally, save the PDF file with all bookmarks simply. Keep in mind that the bookmarks will disappear if you close the PDF directly.

Add Bookmarks to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

How to Add a Bookmark to a PDF with Acrobat for Free

The free version of Acrobat Reader does not have the bookmark feature, but it can remember the last page you viewed.

Schritte: Open Acrobat Reader from your desktop.

Schritte: Drücke den Bearbeiten menu on the top menu bar and select Bevorzugte Einstellungen to trigger the Preferences dialog.

Schritte: Gehen Sie zum Dokumente tab and check the box next to Restore last view settings when reopening documents. Drücke den OK drücken, um es zu bestätigen.

Schritte: Now, open a PDF and read several pages. Close it and reopen it. You will see the page you were viewing before.

Restore Last View Settings Adobe

Part XNUMX: Add Bookmarks to PDF Online

Web apps are always a convenient option to add bookmarks to your PDF. The big advantage is to do what you want without installing any software. But it is not suitable to process large PDF files since they may be freezing. We use PDFEscape als Beispiel, um Ihnen zu zeigen, wie es funktioniert.

Schritte: Access in any browser, choose the Free Online button and upload your PDF from the computer or URL.

Schritte: After uploading, you will go to the PDF editor page. Click the Lesezeichen anzeigen icon on the left side to open the bookmark panel.

Schritte: Go to the page where you expect to add a bookmark. Click the Verwenden Sie button at the bottom left side to add a bookmark to the PDF. Type a title to the bookmark and click OK um es zu bestätigen.

Schritte: Adding bookmarks to all important pages with the steps above. Then click the Save & Download PDF button at the left menu bar to download the complete PDF.



This article has told you multiple ways to add bookmarks to PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat can create bookmarks on your PDF documents simply within the paid version. The free version only can remember the last view. On the other hand, an online PDF editor can help you make bookmarks as well. If you are looking for the easiest way to make bookmarks for your PDF file, WidsMob PDFEditor is the best option. It is easy to use and provides rich features. We hope that our guide is helpful to you. If you have a better idea, please leave a message.

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